About E-Tech Home Security Inc.

Home Security System Company in Richmond Hill, ON

Founded more than 28 years ago as Electrotec and later becoming E-Tech Home Security, we have grown with our local community. From their parent's homes to now their children's, we have provided security, safety, and peace of mind to our customers. We strive to be the dependable pillar that secures your home and business that you can trust.

E-Tech provides professional consultations, wiring, installations, and training you can depend on. With over 28 years of experience serving thousands of customers in the GTA, that is the definition of Dependability.

At E-Tech Home Security Inc., we have extensive experience in computers and the camera security field. Our employees have been involved in security camera projects with airports and subways all around the world. With more than a thousand cameras installed and counting, E-Tech Home Security Inc. has what it takes to make sure your property is set up to gather evidence in case of trouble. With our experience in training front line staff in secured facilities, we have the knowledge and method to help you secure your home and business.